Lessons & Classes

Makeup-Case-1Seasonal Refresh

In need of a new look? Let a Sweet P Artist come by and help come up with some flattering options for an updated you.

Makeup Wardrobe Update

How long since you cleaned out your stash? We will help you go through your products, eliminate that which is expired or just plain tired, and discuss what might be added to make your daily application a cinch.

Application Education

Always wanted to learn how to create that look you’ve been craving? The artists at Sweet P can show you how to best style it for your complexion and bone structure, and will take the time to teach you how recreate it yourself.

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping services for all your beauty needs available upon request.

Master Class’ for industry Professionals

Master class 101:

When in the skincare/ beauty industry, it is important to have a certain image while working.  Clients want to work with someone they can relate to; who has beautiful skin, inoffensive clothing, and professional makeup.  Sales are proven to be higher with a more approachable esthetician.  Makeup is part of the package you offer after getting your license.  This master class has makeup broken down in 5 easy steps.  You will leave with confidence knowing how to apply makeup on yourself quick and professionally each day to grow your own self brand and be successful on the field.
*This class comes with a basic makeup kit personalized to your skin tone valued at $440 retail.
3 1/2 hours
6 student minimum
End of class Makeup Certification received

Master class 102 summary:

Applying makeup is most likely going to play some role in your career as an esthetician.  Too often, we are thrown into a position in this industry without the proper tools to succeed when it comes to makeup application, or asked to do makeup because of our skin knowledge.  Arm yourself with the basics of applying makeup on someone else so you can hit the ground running in the makeup world.  Color theory, hands on application, tools you will need to apply makeup, and how to cover up mistakes are some of the topics we will discuss.  There is plenty of time to apply makeup and ask questions in this master class. 
*This class comes with a basic makeup starter kit for multiple looks and skin tones valued at $550 retail
3 1/2 hours
6 student minimum
No model needed
End of class Makeup Certification received